True Freedom Fellowship

Q:  Since you all do not meet in a church building, does that mean you are angry at or bitter towards what is considered “traditional church”.  

A:  No, not at all.  Quite the opposite, we love the body of Christ, regardless of where or how they meet.  We want to partner with and come along side of all types of fellowships, those who meet in traditional church buildings and those who don’t.  The church is called to edify, equip and build up the body of Christ so that the Kingdom of God can be advanced.  


Q:  How do you all approach the topic of tithing?

A:  We believe that giving to the work of the Lord is a command from the Lord and very Biblical.  We are not classified as a nonprofit organization in the eyes of the government so you would not get any tax credit for a gift.  We also do not have a formal collection time.  It is left up to you and God as to how you would choose to give.  We have missionaries and missions that we support and you are encouraged and welcomed to give to them.  We also take up collections for various needs in the body or in the community as they come about.  You are also welcomed to give towards the weekly costs of our meeting times, i.e. food costs, etc.  However you give, give out of obedience and a glad heart, with a desire to see the Kingdom of God advanced.  

Q:  Are you affiliated with a specific denomination?

A:  No, we are not associated with any one denomination in particular.  We do have a set of Bible believing truths that we operate under (see the Statement of Faith page); however, we are not considered a part of any one denomination.  We are an evangelical body of believers, who believe in the sovereignty of God and that Jesus Christ is the only way to salvation.  It is our desire to extend fellowship to believers from all backgrounds, regardless of denomination, uniting under the truth of the Gospel and God’s redeeming and disciplining love.